The VJ Dental Laboratory Family

Our Story

The VJ Dental Lab family is an experienced team who have been around for over 30 years in the industry as certified technicians. When Laura decided to open VJ Dental Lab, her vision was to have the best people working on every case to deliver a final product that would leave our clients customers smiling as they walked out of the office. We understood then, like we understand now, that each case is different and require special attention to detail.
This vision was also shared by Laura’s partner, Amelia Bravo. They did not want a factory producing the same product for everyone or a product that was sent overseas to be produced.

Our Approach

We know that every case in our laboratory is unique to each patient. They require special attention to detail and all hands on deck. With the advancements in technology, we have been able to produce the best quality work possible. As times change, so must we. We are proud owners of 2 CAD/CAM systems that help us achieve our quality.

Meet the Team

When Laura met Amelia, a special bond was formed. Two woman with a vision of building something great, perfect smiles. This has led to a company reaching it’s 30 year anniversary.

Laura Merino
Founder & CEO

Amelia Bravo